New EC Project for our friends at SILCA_Velo. The Mondrian color way made famous in cycling with the La Vie Claire Team in the 80's, which included names such as Hinault, Lemond and Hampsten has been recreated for 2020. The original jersey was based on artwork by Piet Mondrian and created by fashion retailer Benetton. It is still considered one of the most memorable and iconic cycling jerseys of it's time. For 2020, EC was tasked with recreating the popular jersey pattern on our popular Silca Team Car artwork. The team car graphic has become a staple for Silca and over the past few years has gone through several iterations - all present on the limited edition silk screened Poster. And, because it's 2020, a matching facemask made of Coolmax and designed with the help of the gang at Cuore of Switzerland. 
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